Donate For Life

Community Workshops

Our speakers are available for church events at no cost. Our workshops are great for your missions conferences, ladies' teas, men or women's retreats, youth groups and small group settings. Workshops can be scheduled to perform at the WRMCSN or your facility/church. 


Sanctity of Human Life

This workshop presentation illustrates the value that God puts on humanity, the details of His creation and what we can do to protect it. Part of the presentation is an interactive 
Q & A with a YouTube video presentation by Focus on the Family. Duration of time: 1 hour


The Miracle of Life

This workshop presentation covers the biblical account of man’s creation at the hands of God and explains what God says about the child in the womb. Also presented are the stages of fetal development. Duration of time: 1 hour


Sexual Integrity & Abstinence, WHY?

This workshop presentation is to educate on abstinence and sexual integrity to discuss the benefits of living them out together. The audience should leave understanding the risks of having sexual relationships outside of the confines of a Christ honoring marriage. Also, the audience will leave knowing this is a choice that we make every day, not just a statement or a line drawn in the sand. Duration of time: 1 hour



This workshop presentation will explore the crisis in fatherhood within contemporary American society.  We will discuss both the pervasiveness and the impact of fatherlessness in American culture.  The workshop also explores the Biblical mandate for fatherhood, and answers the question, “What can we do about the fatherhood crisis?”  Duration of time: 1 hour


Post Abortion Healing

This workshop presentation is to help you understand the consequences and aftermath of choosing abortion. Where does one find healing and restoration? There will be a personal testimony shared in this presentation. Duration of time: 1 hour and 15 minutes


Critical Thinking & My Worldviews

This workshop presentation will leave the participants with an understanding that the beliefs they accept will be the life they live out. They will learn how to filter worldly information to make sure they are living a life consistent of truth. This class will encourage self-reflection. Duration of time: 1 hour and 15 minutes



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