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Allen Stansberry

Allen StansberryAllen Stansberry

Executive Director

Pastor Allen Stansberry was born and raised in Baton Rouge, LA and graduated from Louisiana State University with a B.S. in Vocational Education. He has lived in Las Vegas for 17 years. He has been married for 18 years and has three daughters.

“After college, my wife and I moved to Las Vegas and after a few years of living here, we began attending Calvary Chapel Spring Valley. After about a year under the teaching of the late John Michaels, I responded to the gospel call, and my life has not been the same. We later joined and served at another ministry and got deeply involved in the development and growth of that ministry. I served as usher, leader of intercessory prayer, as well as men's ministry leader until we departed in 2010. I began searching the scriptures for a true knowledge of who God was and what His Word said. I found myself with a deep desire to have understanding and to share with whomever would listen about Jesus. It was told to me early on in my walk with God that I would someday preach the Gospel. (I denied it although deep down I knew there must be some truth). I believe that a Christian is someone who not only professes Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior but also one who lives according His commandments empowered by the Holy Spirit. I realized that as it is important to preach the Gospel to those who come into a church setting, even more important to give the Gospel to those who may never enter into the doors. At the Women’s Resource Medical Centers, we are given an unique opportunity to share the gospel and not only save the lives of the unborn, but to save the lives of those carrying them.”

Pastor Allen and his wife planted Grace Bible Fellowship Church in Southwest Las Vegas and serve as Senior Pastor. He was introduced to the Women’s Resource Medical Centers through his wife who had been called to serve as a Missionary Counselor and then he too felt the call. He started serving as a male Missionary Counselor, joined the Board of Directors in 2015 and became WRMCSN's Executive Director in February of 2023.

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