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Tinisha's Story

When I found out I was pregnant I was lost, confused, and didn’t know what to do. My mindset was to have an abortion because everything is so expensive and I didn’t have the help I needed. So, I went online and found Women’s Resource Medical Centers. They were able to give me an appointment right away. My partner, the father of my children, wanted me to have this baby, but we were already struggling with the two we have. I had no plans to continue this pregnancy. Women's Resource Medical played a significant role in me continuing my pregnancy. They have helped me in more ways than one. I was so far along with my pregnancy and still had no clue on how I would be able to provide for another child but with their assistance I was able to get everything needed and more.The Lord is so good! He showed me I can do this and He has my back all the way; I wouldn’t be where I am without Him. Thanks to the Women's Resource Center, us mothers can provide for our babies and have the support we need.

Brianna's Story

When my pregnancy test came out positive, I couldn’t feel anything but shock. But once it settled in after the first few minutes I felt nothing but happiness. Although I was worried about breaking the news to my family, especially my mom, the first thing I did was pray. Even before, I prayed whatever the result of the pregnancy test was I knew it would be God’s will and it would be a blessing in disguise regardless.At first the father of the baby supported me, but then his nerves kicked in and he wasn’t ready for the baby. All I said was “God bless you.” I can’t dwell on not having his support when my baby needs me now. Thank God I have such strong faith to react like that. It was disappointing .My family are my number one supporters, but they were a bit disappointed. All babies are a blessing, but it did delay my career a bit. Just like me, after the shock there was happiness and joy all around. Now, they cannot wait for baby Mia to come as much as I cannot wait either. I found Women’s Resource Medical Centers online and loved the positive feedback I got from this office and got an appointment on such short notice. Although it can be hard, never lose your faith. I believe my faith has kept me from going under all this time. Prayer is your strongest weapon.

Karina's Story

Life is always based on making difficult decisions. I know I for one have come a long way and growing up I have some made stupid choices. I started doing drugs and drinking at 16 and started cutting myself trying to attempt suicide. I thought I might be pregnant. Scared and not sure what to do, I found myself at the store as I was deciding whether or not to buy a pregnancy test. This woman came up to me seeing my distress and gave me a business card leading me to find the Women’s Resource Medical Centers. I came to the Center thinking I can have an abortion and get back to my life. I instead was brought to Christ and realized my life was actually just beginning. I have come on a long journey and realized the life I lived wasn’t living at al. What if I had an abortion, God knew where I would be now. I have a beautiful baby girl named Cynthia to live for. She was recently born and already has brought so much happiness. Thank you to the Women’s Resource Medical Centers and their volunteers, not only did the help me but they saved my life!

Sheena's Story

Scared, alone, and worried is how I felt when I first found out I was pregnant. But shortly after, I kicked into “mommy mode” and handled my business. I already knew I would be alone and I was prepared for it. I knew I was going to keep my baby the moment I found out I was pregnant, even with my given situation. The father of my baby and I were in the process of splitting up when I found out I was pregnant. He decided to not be involved and I’ve received no support from him during the pregnancy and has not reached out. My family was extremely upset because they never liked him, and when I said I’m keeping the baby, none of them spoke to me my entire pregnancy. My firstborn’s dad was my biggest supporter. He never left my side and was there for the delivery too. God lead me to you guys and through a somewhat healthy pregnancy. He got me through it all and kept me, my son, and my baby girl safe. This OB program is truly my blessing and I would have been in such a bad place without enormous support. The medical assistants and Shelena are just amazing and shine light on gloomy days. I look forward to my appointments because I felt like they cared about me and my baby. I am 100% certain that you all played a huge role in helping me welcome my beautiful baby girl into the world when no one else did.

Miriam's Story

When I first found out I was pregnant I was scared. I couldn't believe it was true. The baby's dad was surprised. We had spoken about having kids, but in 2-3 years when it was a better time for us. I had just brought him from the hospital from a motorcycle accident earlier that day. He saw the new pregnancy test box that I had left on the counter. When I showed him that they were both positive he got stunned, and said let's get the blood test and be 100% sure. I didn't tell my family until I was almost four months. My mom and siblings were surprised and excited. My dad on the other hand wouldn't even come out of his room. God didn't let me give up. I kept going over to my family's house hoping my dad would change his mind. He is excited now and it's gonna be his first grandbaby. He is also going to be the first nephew for my siblings. I am thankful for the help and support that Women's Resource Center has given me and my child. Without them it would have been very difficult and stressful. I appreciate that at each of my appointments they have done a prayer for me, my family, and our well being.


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