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Gregg Seymour

SeymourPrivileged to Serve, as a father, a husband and a Pastor, I am getting more and more in tune with the concept of Godly service as each day passes. How many of you remember the “old” full service gas stations? I remember the days when cars would drive up to the pumps to the familiar “ding-ding” that would alert the waiting attendants of their next opportunity to serve. They would come out wearing their navy blue pants and blue pin stripe shirts with the logo on the pocket. They would have a pocket protector with pens and a tire gauge protruding from it and their job was to help, with a smile, the customer at hand. It saddens me to say those kinds of stations are mostly a memory today. The attitude of our population has turned from one of “Serv-ice” to “Serv-Us”. Even in church, we can get very comfortable and complacent in our routines.

One day the Lord spoke to me during my time in the word as I was reading a passage I had read a hundred times before. It was Matthew 25:40 where Jesus says:—“And the King will answer and say to them, 'Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.'” “The least of these?”. Hmmmm, I had to dig deeper. One definition of “the least of these” that I thought was good is “anyone who is IGNORED or OVERLOOKED.” Another one was--the least--in the ESTIMATION OF MEN.” People many times are quick to say, “that person doesn’t amount to very much, is not worth helping, is of no value--write that person off.” And as I began to meditate on these words, little did I know that the Lord was preparing me for an area of service where these definitions were being played out in the lives of the unborn—the helpless, the overlooked, the underestimated.

It was not long after this revelation that I was approached by a board member of the Women’s Resource Medical Centers, who offered an invite to serve upon the board of directors. Since then, I have been blessed to work with a deeply dedicated leadership staff and board for this unparalleled cause. It is an absolute truth that we can NEVER out-give God. This includes our time, our treasures and talents, which are His to begin with. The more we give, the more we ourselves receive, and based on that truth, it is no wonder I have been honored and amazed to serve at the WRMCSN. Think about it: Jesus didn’t say “the lesser of these”—He said “the LEAST of these”. Can you think of anyone more helpless than an unborn human life? It is truly amazing that, as we serve in this “front-line” ministry, we are strengthened and ministered to on a level beyond measure.

God’s vision for us from day one is to become a “full service station” where each of us are the attendants working together to serve those in need. I want to personally encourage and invite anyone of you reading this newsletter to step out and serve God in this ministry that is the center of His heart. There are vast opportunities available in many areas including: client counseling, material services, men and women mentoring, and the board of directors. If God is laying on your heart a desire to do missionary work, or service of any type, there is spot for you at WRMCSN. We would love to get to know you better, pray with you, and steer you into the area of service that God has prepared for you here. Any questions you have, feel free to call myself or any one of the staff of these centers. May God meet you powerfully in this message I bring, and confirm it through His word to you as you walk with Him daily. 

- Pastor Gregg Seymour - Board President  


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