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John Norton

John NortonJohn Norton is a former NYPD Officer who served in 911. He moved his family to Las Vegas, Nevada and is currently employed as a High School educator and football coach. John and his beautiful wife Theresa, have two wonderful daughters.

“I am a Board Trustee and Male Advocate Counselor for the Women’s Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada, assigned to mentor the father of the unborn babies. Like several other volunteers, I began counseling at the Center when I was unemployed. I felt that God had given me the gift of time and that I should use this gift wisely. Long ago I had realized that as a culture we had misled men and women about abortion. Abortion is not the answer to problems but the addition of sin to unexpected situations. Instead of giving people real hope, we as a society give them lies.

The people we serve often lack hope. They cannot see the “light at the end of the tunnel”. The only thing they can see is a lack of resources and people that care. By being a part of the Center, I am able to help provide hope in the form of basic day to day material services and the best true hope, Jesus Christ. The Center allows for us to share God’s love by meeting people where they are and by sharing the good news. Some of our volunteers have experienced an unexpected pregnancy while others have not, but we have all experienced God’s love and forgiveness and we all long to share it with others.

The opportunity to serve at the Center benefits me more often than it does the clients that I am blessed to serve. I know that may sound unusual but it is true. These benefits are not necessarily intentional and are not realized  in material means, but rather in spiritual blessings. I believe that if you ask the volunteers at the Center they would say the same. For those of you that have not been down to the Center I would encourage you to come by and visit and possibly consider becoming a Missionary Counselor. YOU’RE NEEDED!”


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