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Michelle Caven

Michelle Caven

Michelle was born in Pasadena, CA. Her family moved to Las Vegas, NV in 1977 where Michelle has resided ever since. Before God called her to serve at the Center, Michelle held the position of Senior Station Manager with The Hertz Corporation. Michelle became a Volunteer Missionary Counselor in 2006 and in 2008, joined as a staff member. She is married with four beautiful children. She has a heart for women that are hurting and broken from decisions once made.

“For me, my life was forever changed in the spring of 1990 when I was faced with an unplanned pregnancy. I felt as if my emotional and spiritual life was ending; my life as I envisioned had become threatened and my answer to that "problem" was abortion. My desire is to share the truth about the consequences of abortion. They do not tell you that the decision of aborting your baby will remain with you for a lifetime. I want to warn women of the terrible challenges that they will face from an abortion decision, and I want to encourage women and men who have made that decision to repent and receive forgiveness and healing that Jesus has for us all.”

“Hiding nothing, pour out your heart to God. ‘Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.’ Matthew 5:4 ” Thank you Jesus!

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