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Prayer Warriors

Is God leading you to enter the battlefield by committing to pray daily for the mission field of Las Vegas? If God is calling you to join our team of prayer warriors, please email us at

Prayer Requests

Each day of the week, WRMCSN staff gather for corporate prayer. If God has called you to be a prayer warrior for this ministry, please agree with us in prayer each day of the week for the following:


Sunday – Pastors, Acts 4

Today we lift up the pastors of our community. We pray for peace and blessings to fill their households and for a hedge of protection to surround them and their family. We pray for encouragers to be risen up as arm bearers to continually edify and urge them to counter the tide of our culture with the gospel of Truth. We pray that the Holy Spirit will overwhelm them with God’s anointing and that they will speak boldly on behalf of the unborn and courageously lead their congregation toward individual and corporate repentance to compassionately guide us to the love, grace, mercy and forgiveness of Jesus Christ.

Monday – The Church, Malachi 4, Psalm 51

Today Father, we corporately repent and individually pray for ourselves. We pray for a great awakening to happen within Your Church, within the hearts of Your people who call upon Your Name, that we would desire to worship You in Spirit and in Truth. That we would reject the deception of our culture that has crept into our hearts and has intertwined into a self - styled Christianity. Help us to desire to have our hearts submitted and aligned with Yours and help us to diligently seek to have our world view aligned with Your Word alone. It is when You restore our hearts that You will stir us from apathy and commission us to action to be vessels used to save innocent lives from abortion and to speak Truth to those who are contemplating death. We desire to be those vessels and to see You glorified as we unite for Your great work to be accomplished here in our mission field.

Tuesday – America, Psalm 119

Holy Creator, we corporately repent for the sins of our nation and for the innocent blood that has been shed. We pray for the Holy Spirit to pour out Truth upon our leaders and cause their decisions and legislation to align with Your righteousness. We pray that every human being will understand the value of being created in Your Image and be drawn to their Creator. We pray for a great awakening to happen in our nation so that we may witness a revival like we have never seen before.

Wednesday – Clients, Isaiah 55

Lord Jesus, thank You for our clients. Each one is a gift from You that we cherish. Help us to minister Your great love to them and soften their hearts to receive the good news of Your gospel. We pray for every past client, every heart that You have touched through WRMCSN since 1985, that You will not let Your Word go forth void and that You will continue to pursue them for salvation and to fulfill Your plan and purpose for them and their babies who have been saved from abortion. We also pray for our future gifts, that You would shower us with even more divine appointments. We pray that even now, You are preparing their hearts and removing the deception of death so that when we minister life to them, the scales will fall and their hearts will be turned to value the life of their unborn babies and desire eternal life with You.

Thursday – Board, Staff and Volunteers, Proverbs 3

Holy Father we praise You for the calling that You have established on the lives of these individuals even before You placed them in their mother’s womb! Please lead them and guide them in Your wisdom and direct their paths for Your will to be done at WRMCSN. Keep them from leaning on their own understanding and give them Your vision for how You desire them to operate. Let them have hearts that desire to see You glorified in everything that they do. Give them servant hearts and attitudes and keep them focused on the great commission. Expand their territory and add to their numbers of more clients to serve and more of Your people to enter the mission field who are called by You to serve alongside them. Place a hedge of protection around them and their households so that no weapon that is formed against them will prosper and go before them in all that You have called them to do and establish Your favor to bring them success.

Friday – Those Suffering From Abortion, John 8

Gracious Father, Source of all mercy and love, out of love for us You sent Your Son and willed that He suffer and die to cleanse us of sin and restore lost innocence. Hear the cry of each man and woman who mourns the loss of their child to abortion. Forgive their sin, restore them to Your grace, and still the terror of their heart with a peace beyond all understanding. We pray that You make beauty from ashes and draw hearts to receive Your forgiveness and to be set free from condemnation.

Saturday – Vision 2020 and Beyond Capital Campaign, Mathew 25

Jesus, we thank You for the great success that You have granted this ministry to save so many lives and we thank You for giving us Your plan to grow our impact. We thank You for unfolding a strategic plan that will allow our mission to double our success in this mission field by our 40th anniversary. Thank You for Your great faithfulness in leading us this far within the plan, that You have already accomplished the first phase of expanding our programs. Now that we are launching the capital campaign to raise funds for the purchase of the building that You have led us to, we pray that You alone are glorified in every detail and in every miracle of the gifts that are given toward the campaign. And, we pray that You bless every penny and every heart that gives and miraculously multiply each offering to be above and beyond what we could ever imagine.

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