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Tammy Windham

Tammy Windham

Tammy Windham

With a heart for people of all ages, Tammy spent more than half of her life working as a hairstylist. Her work was more than improving outer beauty; it was also about building relationships and encouraging people to see their inner-beauty. Hours upon hours were spent encouraging people through difficult times and rejoicing with them in the special ones. She has been a one on one cheerleader for family, friends and clients most of her life.

Tammy accepted Jesus as her Savior when she was nine years old but did not grasp the concept of making Him Lord until she was married and had two children. Now, after more than twenty years of pruning away Satan’s lies and deceit, Tammy has taken the joy that Christ has restored in her and shares that with others. She continues to have a heart for people and can share her personal experiences in a way that encourages people to stand strong in Lord.

Lessons from life stains

Over more than 27 years of marriage to her husband Ricky, Tammy has learned the value of having a godly person in her life to encourage her through various trials. Together they have faced trials as difficult as losing every material belonging in a fire to the heart ache of losing their relationship with their son because they chose to stand firm in the biblical principles of God’s word. They have learned how to rely on God as their only strength and He has faithfully revealed Himself to them in personal ways.

As a speaker, author and ministry leader, Tammy has been serving in the crisis pregnancy ministry since 2005. Tammy has realized the beauty of her ashes as God has used her testimony of forgiveness and healing to encourage others who are facing or who have faced similar circumstances and pain.

Tammy has shared her personal journey in her book called Lessons from Life Stains. It is a personal testimony of finding God's hope and healing from some of life's difficult situations. From feeling rejected by those around her to rejecting her own children through abortion, Tammy shares how God's grace is all we need to be whole. The book is available for purchase on Amazon


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